ariel1-adultWe believe that every individual has a right to a meaningful life and an opportunity to contribute to their community despite any intellectual or developmental disability they may have. Ariel strives to help all adults in our care obtain the services and support they need to live a productive life in the community where they can participate in activities and work if possible.

Adults with developmental disabilities are respected and are an integral part of our Ariel family and we provide an array of services to support them. Ariel offers residential services (host homes); supportive living services; vocational and community employment opportunities. Our staff has a strong sense of compassion for the plight of the adult with developmental disabilities and understands the unique concerns that they face. For more information about the programs and all other services, please visit the Ariel Website or visit our CONTACT US PAGE.

kids-arielCPAFoster Parents are the most important ingredient in helping a child heal from the negative effects of abuse and neglect. Children coming into care need the warmth and stability a foster family can provide. This support also provides the birth family a chance to make the necessary changes for the child to return safely home. Children coming into care often need additional services to overcome their emotional, behavioral, medical or developmental issues. Ariel Clinical Services provides an array of services to foster families and children in care including behavioral consultations, home visits, case management, 24 hour crisis interventions, financial assistance and respite care. We believe in supporting our foster parents every step of the way as they are caring for these children. We are proud to have over 100 committed, caring and nurturing foster parents working with us to provide excellent care to our communities’ most vulnerable youth.  For more information, visit Ariel’s Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) page